6 Ways To Survive Your Long-Haul Economy Flight to Croatia

For some people, the idea of a long-haul flight can seem overwhelming and daunting. 

From the lack of sleep to the boring plane food, many were hoping that by 2018 someone would have invented a travel machine that could get us to the other side of the world in under a minute. Regrettably, while the world still tries to find those geniuses, we are left planning our economy flight and hoping our next flight to Croatia is as quick and smooth as possible. 

So as the Croatian summer soon approaches and many are eagerly awaiting their departure date I thought I would put together my top 6 tips to survive your long-haul flight:


Did you know that in a climate-controlled environment such as on a flight, the humidity levels can be as low as 10-20%? So when comparing that to the Sahara desert, which has humidity levels of 25%, this means your chances of dehydration are pretty high.

In fact, dehydration is one of the main factors for jet lag too. So if you want to be hydrated and refreshed for when you land at your destination, be sure to drink as much water as you can on your flight.

One thing I find is a must for long-haul flights is taking your own empty water bottle on board. While security at most airports make it clear that no filled water bottles are allowed, once you pass security you can fill up your empty water bottle at a refill station or otherwise ask a flight attendant to fill it up for you once you are on board your flight.

So for your next trip, be hydration-conscious and take a water bottle with you to ensure you’re not only feeling fresh but preventing that dreaded jet lag.


Be comfortable

When it comes to a long-haul flight in economy, chances are your seat isn't going to feel like a cozy sofa chair. However, it doesn't mean that the idea of being comfortable on your flight is completely out of the window and left on the tarmac.

Everyone has their own ways they know how they get comfortable and so it's important to take these things into account so you can make yourself feel at home when you’re on your long journey. Here are some of the things I do to make sure I am as comfortable as possible:

·         Wear something comfortable - ladies, do not fret. You can be comfortable and fashionable at the same time but be sure to wear something that you would wear at home and comfortably could fall asleep in. 

·         Request extra blankets if available on your flight. Most airlines give you blankets but this is all dependent on the duration of the route of your flight and also the airline. So be sure to check on the airlines website what they will be providing you with or simply call their customer service team.

·         Have a sleeping eye mask on to shut out the cabin-lighting when your eyes are ready for sleep – you will be surprised how much of a difference this can make!

·         Noise cancelling ear plugs (or headphones) are great to zone yourself into sleep mode. Sometimes, though some people find the white noise from the jet engines relaxing, all you need is complete silence in order to fall asleep.


Beauty essentials

As mentioned earlier, flights can leave us dehydrated and this can affect our bodies but also the way we look and feel when we get off a flight.

Wonder why some people look so refreshed after 20+ hours of travelling and you’re there looking completely exhausted? The secret is out – hydration.

Besides keeping h20 levels up, one thing I like to do now on my flights is get my pamper-time in without anyone else noticing and put on a hydrating face mask – and no, not one of those sheet masks that will scare the rest of your cabin!

There are many types of masks you can buy but the one in particularly I recommend is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. It's translucent when applied so no one will notice I am pampering myself just before I tuck myself under my blanket, put on a movie and hope to fall asleep for several hours.

This way, when I wake up and prepare for the approach into the airport, my face is looking healthy, plump and hydrated.

 Image: Rosy Disposition 

Image: Rosy Disposition 

Seat selection

These days for most airlines, you can request to select your seat when you book at no additional cost (though some airlines still do charge for this so be aware). Take advantage of this by doing your research and visit websites like SeatGuru.com to see what the best reviewed economy seats are.

My personal favourite? Airlines that have a small economy class section on the upper deck of their A380s. This space is generally a quiet haven with a 2-4-2 configuration so if I am lucky enough to get a window seat, it leaves me with a little extra leg space and also extra storage without having to spend any extra $$. Definitely worth looking into!


One month before your flight, check your airline's website and you will be able to look up what in-flight movies and TV shows are scheduled to be on your routes.

This way you will be able to see if there is anything that interests you on the list and if not - no problem - just download your favourite movies and TV shows onto your iPad or fill up your Amazon Kindle with all those books you have been wanting to read.

You will find that your time to your destination seems to literally fly by and before you know it your flight will be preparing to land.

Bring your favourites with you

Airplane food can either be great, average or cardboard-like and I know many people who avoid it at all costs.

Personally, I have found certain airlines have satisfying and tasty food but it's always great to take a few of your own snacks on board.

One thing I enjoy most is bringing my own Podravka tea with me. In doing this, all I need to do is ask a flight attendant to provide me with a cup of hot water and suddenly the entire cabin smells like brusnica*.

This way you're not only having a beverage you love that makes you feel a bit more at home, but also brings a little bit of Croatia onto your flight! 

 Image: Podravka d.d

Image: Podravka d.d


So as you start getting excited for your summer trip don't give in to the feelings of dreading that long flight. Let your holiday begin and prepare yourself by taking on board these tips to start your trip feeling relaxed, fresh and ready to take on Croatia!


Learn Croatian:

Brusnica: cranberries


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