Let me introduce myself...

Dobar dan (Good day)! My name is Antonia Lisica (aka The Adriatic Fox) and I am based in Sydney, Australia. 

In 2009, when going on a trip to Croatia to visit family for the first time as an adult, I fell in love with my homeland country and since then became have become passionate about helping people with their travels to Croatia and showing them a different perspective of travelling.


In 2013 I decided to take a leap of faith and let my passion for Croatia and travel pour out onto paper. I have always loved writing but loved writing with more of a relaxed style and not so formal. So I decided to begin a blog and let my words flow out onto paper in hope that I could inspire people to travel through a different perspective - the fox perspective.


I then began a small business of travel planning for land-components of holidays to Croatia that included booking accommodation, transfers, airport lounges, tours as well as personalised travel guides.


Fast forward to this year, I had a period of stand-still where I became more engaged in my Catholic faith and knew that there was something more I wanted to do with life. I wanted to transform The Adriatic Fox into a platform that helped people still have that unique perspective on travelling but also on faith.

For more on the details of this - please refer to http://www.theadriaticfox.com/ front page on the recent changes which help to explain this.

I am a believer that every single person is called to strive to be the best version of themselves but we often struggle with figuring out exactly what that is. 

For myself, I truly love writing and hope that through my writing on travel and faith I can guide people into having an improved and greater relationship with God and discover this through the many journeys we have in life.


Why are you referred to as 'The Adriatic Fox'?

Lisica in English translates to 'fox' and the Adriatic is the loved sea of the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia which I love. 

Who are you targeting?

Mainly 18-35 year olds. I find the youth these days are exposed to a lot of negativity in the social media and the concept of travelling seems great (and is) - but I think that there is something far greater that they could discover through travel and through their faith and this age gap really can be the future. I hope I can inspire them to travel and practice their faith in a way that can have a ripple effect on the generations to come.