The Adriatic Fox Update

It's fascinating how much faith you can see sometimes in this world.
Faith can be disagreed with, rejected, denied, embraced, loved and hoped for.
Though many may not realise it - it's a part of all of our lives. It's just how we treat it that defines it within our lives.

I've always seen myself as striving each day to embrace my faith in my life. Several months back I realised even more so the importance of vjera (faith) in general.
Since then my idea of the direction of The Adriatic Fox has changed and while, for some time, I was frustrated with uncertainty of what was ahead (the type of frustration from writer's block that ends up with my face on the keyboard asleep), I knew I had to let that period of silence take place. That silence that meant no further action until I knew what I was going to do.

Silence is one of those things that's either disliked or accepted.

Have you ever turned off the TV or music and then realised "Ah, I need some noise to break up this silence!" only to turn the TV or radio back on just as background noise?

So many of us want to put more noise in our lives because the moment silence comes face to face with us it means 'business'. It means facing the thoughts within us that rise to the surface and that you then have to deal with. But why is that such a 'bad' thing?

Silence was the last several months. Silence was the loud clarity of what exactly the next steps were for The Adriatic Fox from now moving forward.

In the words of Venerable Fulton Sheen - "Look at your heart. It tells the story of why you were made".

When you create a small business you want it to really reflect (at least I did) what makes you happy because, let's face it, it takes a whole chunk of your time and there are a lot of challenging parts to it.

Talking and writing about Croatia as well as guiding people in the planning of their travels has brought me a great deal of joy with The Adriatic Fox and in particular in the last year.

They say that 'success' happens when you are doing something that you love so much that you would still be doing it even if you were not going to be paid for it. The Adriatic Fox was that for me. It was not about the money and quite a few clients would email me with gratitude after providing the service to them asking if there was a way for them to repay me for the services and time I put into their travel planning. To be honest with you that wasn't the point of it for me. It was just to bring people closer to showing them the beauty of the mother country and helping them to travel with a different perspective. As cliche as it may sound, that's what brought the biggest smile on my face.

Over the past several months I have realised there is more I want to contribute to this blog than just assisting with travels to Croatia. That didn't quite 'hit the spot' and I knew there was something more to it. Call me cheesy but my gut and heart were telling me that all along but I just kept sweeping it under the carpet because the timing never seemed right and I couldn't make full sense of it.

Croatia is definitely one of my 'loves' of life and I hope to continue to inspire many to go there, enjoy it's beauty and discover it's culture but also see the deep foundation of faith that is there.

In the words of St. Mary Mackillop of the Cross "We are but travellers in this world" and she didn't mean the group of backpackers city-hopping for a month to get their travel experience and start increasing their frequent flyer points. She meant that physically and spiritually this world we're in we are just passing through and the destination we strive for is heaven. This world is the place we learn our purpose and what is our 'greatness' that we were created to achieve whilst here and aim at doing exactly that.

That can sound pretty intimidating trying to achieve our 'greatness'. It sounds too 'perfect' and we all know perfection doesn't exist in this lifetime.
But really, if you knew you had a 'greatness' within you (which by the way - you do) why exactly are we aiming to settle for 'mediocre' when it comes to our faith? Or if the current situation of the world is anything to go by, less than mediocre?

Hopefully by this point I have led you into that 'deep thought' facial expression where you have paused and are looking out the window into the distant mountains contemplating the meaning of life or caught yourself saying out loud 'So deep, bro. So deep'. If so - The Adriatic Fox 1-0 Devil. Winning!

All humour aside, if there's a small thing I can contribute to hopefully get to whatever my greatness consists of, it would be this blog and the articles I do. Hopefully through them I can help further your knowledge of faith and guide you in your relationship with God with a little 'fox' perspective.

Moving forward, The Adriatic Fox will now be a blog article platform for articles that include the topics of travel and faith. Whether you are commuting to work on public transport, or flying across the world to Croatia - *cough* insert opportunity to promote Croatia *cough* - I hope you will consider these to be great articles to help further your perspective of faith and travel in this current world we live in.

Starting from next week there will be a fortnightly article posted on The Adriatic Fox website. I look forward to you all reading these articles and letting me know your feedback!

As Mother Teresa very wisely pointed out "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples". I'm ready to cause some ripples, are you?