Uppermoda (Plitvice Lakes, CROATIA)


Michael and Meagan Hadusek from the popular Croatian fashion, decor and accessory brand Uppermoda recently moved to Croatia to continue working on their dreams.

When they're not designing and working on their small business, they are travelling and recently were fortunate enough to visit the snow-covered Plitvice Lakes.

"We were pleasantly surprised with how well kept the walkways were which led us down the mountain. We specifically wore our boots that had the most grip as we had experienced slippery icy pathways previously and we wanted to be as prepared as possible for whatever conditions we would face in the park. Every single step down the mountain was a perfect instagram photo! I just keep thinking to myself “What a magical place!”

To read more about their Plitvice Lakes experience, head on over to their blog article by clicking on the below image.

Cmiljka (From SYD, Australia) - Wandered to: Chamonix Mont Blanc, FRANCE

"The picture was captured at such a perfect time as the hikers were descending onto the mountain. I love this picture because it represents a great time in my life when I became so independent and this was one of the last stops that my sister and I visited before going on seperate journeys. I love the picture because it truly shows the amazing creation right in front of us, it was just a clear day and apparently Mt Blanc doesn't get too many of those days, so it was just perfect."

Emily (From SYD, Australia) - Wandered to: Stockholm, SWEDEN


"When you get the chance to study overseas for 6 months, what better place to choose than Stockholm. A mixture of beautiful scenery, culture, friendly locals, amazing food, and plenty of snow in the winter, soon made this city a home away from home for me. I quickly learned that there was so much more to love about Sweden than simply ABBA, Zlatan and IKEA."

Valentina (From: ZRH, Switzerland) - Wandered to: Key West - Florida, USA


"When you find out that your sister got accepted into medical school, you upgrade your rental car to a convertible sportscar and drive to Key West. You watch the most beautiful sunset in Key West, drive back in the middle of night, sleep for an hour or two, just to get up in time to catch an even more breathtaking sunrise in Miami Beach. One last time this summer, we did summer the way summers should be done - together with my sister!"

Leona (From: SYD, Australia) - Wandered to: London, UK

"There is something truly so special about London that I can now understand why the Queen chooses to live there. It has beautiful buildings, great history, Hyde Park and let's not forget... the incredible shopping! The tea and cake options are beyond words and you could easily enjoy them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is something for everyone in this city. You can always go to underground concerts, Madame Tussauds wax museum, the Ritz for high tea, Harrods or comedy shows. "

Antonella (From: ZRH, Switzerland). Wandered to: San Diego, USA


"This photo was taken in San Diego in February, 2014 while I was on a road trip with my sister in California. 
Although an iPhone snapshot, it captures that whole experience of our road trip.
It was the first time my sister and I had travelled that far completely on our own. The first time we rented a car on our own and were actually crazy enough to drive over 2000 miles along the West Coast and inland to see the Grand Canyon in just a couple of weeks. 

Well - 'crazy' in the perspective of Croatian parents who definitely would not have approved such an adventure for their young, 20-something daughters to do that on their own in big America (sorry, mama and tata for making you turn grey while we were away!). 
Needless to say, this trip was the best experience of our lives. It was a reward for working and studying hard. It was a huge dream come true to visit California. It was a great challenge and an unforgettable adventure."