Antonella (From: ZRH, Switzerland). Wandered to: San Diego, USA


"This photo was taken in San Diego in February, 2014 while I was on a road trip with my sister in California. 
Although an iPhone snapshot, it captures that whole experience of our road trip.
It was the first time my sister and I had travelled that far completely on our own. The first time we rented a car on our own and were actually crazy enough to drive over 2000 miles along the West Coast and inland to see the Grand Canyon in just a couple of weeks. 

Well - 'crazy' in the perspective of Croatian parents who definitely would not have approved such an adventure for their young, 20-something daughters to do that on their own in big America (sorry, mama and tata for making you turn grey while we were away!). 
Needless to say, this trip was the best experience of our lives. It was a reward for working and studying hard. It was a huge dream come true to visit California. It was a great challenge and an unforgettable adventure."