Uppermoda (Plitvice Lakes, CROATIA)


Michael and Meagan Hadusek from the popular Croatian fashion, decor and accessory brand Uppermoda recently moved to Croatia to continue working on their dreams.

When they're not designing and working on their small business, they are travelling and recently were fortunate enough to visit the snow-covered Plitvice Lakes.

"We were pleasantly surprised with how well kept the walkways were which led us down the mountain. We specifically wore our boots that had the most grip as we had experienced slippery icy pathways previously and we wanted to be as prepared as possible for whatever conditions we would face in the park. Every single step down the mountain was a perfect instagram photo! I just keep thinking to myself “What a magical place!”

To read more about their Plitvice Lakes experience, head on over to their blog article by clicking on the below image.